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Specific Exported products
 Briefing Introduction
  Our corporation, named Beijing Richem Co. LTD, covering the chemical industry products D&R, producing and marketing, is an export-oriented imports and exports corporation. It's headquarters is located in CBD in Beijing, Chaoyang district. Several subsidiary corporations have been set up in Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shenyang, etc. In order to provide perfect services before and after sales, we have built up storehouses in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenyang, Xi'an, Urumchi, etc and we have kept a certain stock amount throughout year so as to provide high quality products for customers timely, stably and in long-term, and to solve the problem of taking delivery of goods for customers.
  Our most sales products are oil field chemical products, natural gas chemical products and some other fine chemical industry products. These products sell well in over 200 cities and regions, not only from the south part of China, Hainan province, to the northeast part of China, Heilongjiang province, but also from northwest part of Chian, Urumchi city, to the southeast China seashore cities. The number of the fixed consumers of our products is over 300.
Besides the traditional and practical fine chemical industry products annual exported to abroad, there are also many other products, R&D and produced by our subordinate chemical industry products research workshop and fine chemical industry products branch factory. These products have been exported to 8 countries and regions over the America, Europe and Asia.
  In resent years, our corporation has always been in line with the business notion of "honesty and pragmatics, service, positivity and enterprise, steady development". Because of the perfect services before and after sales, our corporation gain high appraises from clients and customers, so that, a good reputation has been built up in the line of business. Its saleroom is now rising rapidly. In the late years, the corporation has already become agencies for a lot of international large enterprises, such as ARKEMA(original name ATOFINA) in France, MITSUBISHI in Japan, Mitsui&Co. in Japan, DRAGER in Germany. Etc.
  The value vies of the corporation fully respects the personnel wills, emphasizes the cooperation ideas, fosters the social responsibility, and calls for the dedication spirit. In the business process, the corporation embraces the mutual respect and trust, and firmly believes that the good credit standing is the key point to success. We are in pursuit of mutual benefits and profits, and further believe that our progress and achievements could be impossible without continuous your trust and support. Sincerely, we would like to cooperate with you, and share with you opportunities of creating more bright future.
  We express our sincere gratitude to over 300 customers nationwide.
  Each step of our progress couldn't be without your support and help!
                 Manager: Li Daheng
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